U.S. Government, International Partnerships Play Vital Roles In Ending Hunger, Malnutrition

Huffington Post: The Fight to End Hunger: The Role of U.S. NGOs and Global Leadership
Samuel A. Worthington, president of InterAction

“…The U.S. government has been at the forefront in the fight to end chronic hunger, and it must continue this momentum. The U.S.’s Feed the Future initiative has made tremendous gains in the last five years. In 2013, the partnership of farmers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and civil society leaders meant 12.5 million children had better nutrition. … To build upon these gains and ensure strong U.S. leadership in ending hunger and malnutrition, we must encourage Congress to pass the Global Food Security Act (HR 1567 and S 1252). To end hunger by 2030, NGOs, governments, private businesses, and universities need to think of new ways to work together. As we have witnessed since 1990, significantly decreasing hunger is possible. Now is the time for us to pave the pathway toward eradicating hunger and building more healthy, just, and peaceful societies for the future” (10/14).