U.S. Global Health Security Spending Necessary For Disease Outbreak Preparedness

RealClearPolitics: On World Health Day, Are We Ready for the Next Outbreak?
Reid Wilson, national correspondent for The Hill

“…Now, [money approved by Congress to address global health security, as part of emergency funding provided during the Ebola outbreak,] is running out and Congress has no plans to replace it. That oversight will put global health security — and with it, American national security — at risk… Without additional funding, the CDC will be forced to cut its global health security funding. … What worries public health professionals most is not a virus like Ebola or Zika. … Instead, what worries those public health experts is a disease that combines those worst traits: something that is deadly like Ebola and easily transmissible like Zika. That something is probably going to be a strain of the influenza virus. … Foreign aid is an easy and tempting boogeyman for fiscal hawks to target. But spending millions of dollars on global health security today could prevent or stem that next pandemic, saving billions of dollars and millions of lives — both foreign and American — tomorrow…” (4/7).