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U.S. Food Aid Reform Would Reduce Systemic Inefficiencies, Help Achieve Universal Food Security

Devex: Fixing food aid to better feed hungry people
David Vanderpool, founder and CEO of LiveBeyond

“…[I]nefficiencies [around the production, packaging, and distribution of food to developing countries], encouraged by arcane and self-serving legislation, now threaten to limit the ability of well-meaning people to assuage the hunger that menaces much of the developing world. … Presently, Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee and Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware have reintroduced a food bill, Food for Peace Reform Act of 2015, which would improve food aid distribution by abolishing the burdensome requirements of U.S.-only food sourcing, shipping, and monetization. … [I]f we can institute the further improvements in systemic efficiencies — such as cash-based or voucher food distribution systems and reducing burdensome requirements on in-kind aid — I know we can complete the laudable goal of achieving universal food security” (3/11).