U.S. Envoy Pledges Continued U.S. Support For Taiwan To Join WHO, Other International Organizations

Breitbart News: U.S. Envoy Calls for Taiwan to Join Interpol, World Health Organization
“U.S. envoy Brent Christensen, the de facto American ambassador to Taiwan, on Monday pledged continuing U.S. support for Taiwan to join international organizations like Interpol and the World Health Organization (WHO) despite China’s campaign to isolate the island nation. … He noted Taiwan was invited to annual [World Health Assembly] meetings from 2009 to 2016, at which point it was ‘suddenly no longer welcome to attend’ because a more independence-minded candidate, Tsai Ing-wen, won the Taiwanese presidential election. ‘We continue to work with other like-minded countries to lobby international organizations to put health, security, and economic prosperity above politics,’ Christensen said…” (Hayward, 4/15).