U.S. Congress Should Support Robust Funding For Childhood Immunizations, Ensure Measles Eliminated Globally, Opinion Piece Says

Seattle Times: Why we need global efforts to prevent measles at home
Susan Tyler, advocate for the U.N. Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign

“…No child should suffer from measles when a lifesaving vaccine exists. … [W]e must invest in preventing measles to begin with — otherwise, the costs of containing and treating outbreaks when they occur are far too high. … Contagious diseases like measles don’t respect borders. Although the U.S. eliminated measles in 2000 as the result of a safe, effective, and affordable vaccine, we are seeing a resurgence of measles as travelers and visitors continue to bring it into the country and the number of unvaccinated children in the U.S. continues to rise. … To keep all children safe, we must support the elimination of measles everywhere. … It’s time we double down on this progress. The U.S. has been a leader in the global fight against measles. Elected officials in Washington, D.C., need to continue strong funding for measles prevention and other health risks. It’s our global responsibility — and it’s a fight we can win. Plus, we can make measles elimination a reality with minimal investment. … That is why I’m urging my representative, Dr. Kim Schrier, D-Issaquah, and our senators to support robust funding for childhood immunizations. Every child should have the chance to lead a healthy life, both here and abroad” (2/13).