U.S. Announces More Than $397M In Additional Humanitarian Assistance To Syrians Impacted By Conflict

U.S. Department of State: U.S. Humanitarian Assistance in Response to the Syria Crisis
“[Thursday] at the Third Brussels Conference on ‘Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region,’ the United States announced more than $397 million in additional humanitarian assistance for the people of Syria as part of the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan for 2019-2020. … With this new funding to UNHCR, UNICEF, IOM, non-governmental organizations, and other agencies, the United States is providing urgently needed food, shelter, sanitation and hygiene, medical care, education, and other relief to help assist the nearly 12 million people suffering inside Syria, as well as the nearly 5.7 million refugees in the region. A portion of this funding also helps support the host communities in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, and Egypt that are generously hosting Syrian refugees…” (3/14).