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Trump Administration’s Proposed Budget Does Not Reflect ‘Values-Driven International Leadership’

The Globalist: Trump’s Budget Priorities: Crimes Against Humanity?
Frank Vogl, co-founder of Transparency International

“U.S. President Trump’s new budget proposes a dramatic cut in spending on diplomacy and economic assistance, while advocating further major boosts to defense outlays. … The plans highlight the increasing White House determination to find military solutions to the world’s ills. President Trump’s willful neglect of the vast humanitarian crises that now abound — the worst since World War Two — is a crime against humanity. … Now, under the leadership of President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the values-driven international leadership of the United States has been hurled aside. … The U.S. has long seen the United Nations as playing important roles in explicitly addressing humanitarian crises — no longer. … Worse still, the administration is encouraging some of the kleptocratic authoritarian leaders who are most responsible for the unfolding disasters. … From the ashes of World War Two, and the strident spread of communism, the United States sought to create order in a world of disorder. It pledged to promote freedom and democracy and human rights as the means to provide hope and opportunity to all peoples. … Now, President Trump is telling the world that those values are irrelevant to the goal of putting the United States first…” (2/19).