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U.S. Administration Should ‘Step Up’ Efforts As Global Health Landscape Changes

The Hill: If we want to make America great, let’s focus on global health
Farhan Majid, L.E. and Virginia Simmons fellow in Health and Technology Policy, and Aastha Sharma, former senior consultant at National Health Systems Resource Center

“…Global health trends have not only become unpredictable, but also less localized. … The changing disease patterns call for changes in strategies and revision of targets every few years, demonstrating that health problems are global problems requiring cross disciplinary solutions and international participation for complete containment. In light of these rapid changes in global health landscape, it is essential that developed countries such as the U.S. pool in resources and support global health efforts with unprecedented zeal and commitment. … [B]y investing in global health, the U.S. would not only be saving lives and promoting human rights globally, it can also further its economic interests strategically. The current administration needs to step up its game or risk losing its stature as a global health leader, in addition to putting at risk the security of millions of American lives and potentially damaging American business interests locally and globally” (5/24).