U.N. Should Take Responsibility For Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic, Lead Effort To Alleviate Epidemic

CNN: U.N. should take responsibility for Haiti’s deadly cholera epidemic
Martin O’Malley, candidate for the Democratic nomination for U.S. president

“…The ongoing crisis in Haiti, where cholera continues to infect hundreds of people each month, is not getting the attention it deserves. … First, the United Nations should acknowledge its role in this tragedy. … Second, while resources are tight, as always, the United Nations should endeavor to broaden its campaign to combat the ongoing epidemic. … Third, the United States must assume a greater leadership role in our own hemisphere. … As president, I would embrace a new national security approach focused on proactive, long-term threat reduction and reinvigorated regional alliances. I would begin by improving our relationships with our closest neighbors, guided by the principles of transparency and accountability. The United Nations, which has done so much to alleviate human suffering in the world, should pursue a similar approach. Some disasters, like earthquakes, are acts of God. But when they are made worse by human error, those responsible should acknowledge and correct their mistakes” (8/17).