U.N. SG Urges Aid Delivery In Syria Without Government Consent; Challenges Persist

News outlets discuss a new report from U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urging humanitarian aid delivery in Syria without the government’s consent, as well as challenges to delivering such aid.

Al Jazeera: Measles and malnourishment: Syria is getting worse, not better
“Three months after the United Nations Security Council managed the rare feat of agreeing on a resolution about Syria, conditions in the war-torn country have deteriorated even further, according to a report released on Thursday by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon…” (Hill, 5/23).

The Guardian: Aid group Mercy Corps forced to close Damascus operations
“One of the largest aid providers in Syria, Mercy Corps, has been forced to close its operations in Damascus because Syrian officials said it could not work in opposition-held areas of the country…” (Chulov/Beals, 5/23).

New York Times: U.N. Chief Urges Aid Delivery Without Syria’s Consent
“The Syrian government is ‘failing in its responsibility to look after its own people,’ the secretary general of the United Nations has said in a confidential report to the Security Council, in which he urged it to authorize the delivery of food and medicine to Syria without the government’s consent…” (Sengupta, 5/23).

U.N. News Centre: Syria: U.N. humanitarian chief condemns attack on warehouse during aid distribution
“The United Nations humanitarian chief today expressed outrage at a deliberate attack on a humanitarian warehouse in the Damascus province of Syria, which occurred as aid workers were preparing to distribute urgently needed supplies to hundreds of families in the besieged city…” (5/25).