U.N. SG Criticizes Lack Of International Cooperation On Pandemic; As Virus Continues Global Spread, Nations Work To Contain Resurgent Outbreaks

AP: U.N. chief criticizes lack of global cooperation on COVID-19
“The United Nations chief criticized the total lack of international coordination in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic on Tuesday and warned that the go-it-alone policy of many countries will not defeat the coronavirus. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in an interview with the Associated Press that what needs to be done is to make countries understand that by acting in isolation ‘they are creating the situation that is getting out of control’ — and that global coordination is key…” (Lederer, 6/23).

Washington Post: Countries around the world scramble to contain coronavirus flare-ups as U.S. states remain open
“In nations around the world that saw new coronavirus infections decline in recent weeks, spikes in confirmed case numbers have alarmed officials, and sent Australia, Germany, Portugal, and South Korea, among other countries, scrambling to respond to resurgent outbreaks. Within the countries in question, the new flare-ups are mostly rooted in identifiable regions, where officials launched or expanded aggressive containment efforts this week…” (Noack, 6/23).

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