U.N. Relief Coordinator Voices Concern Over Multiple Humanitarian Crises In 2014

Two articles examine U.N. Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos’s warning that global humanitarian crises will continue to prove challenging in 2014.

U.N. News Centre: Multiple emergencies pose great test of the global humanitarian system, U.N. official says
“An unprecedented number of people are beginning 2014 either internally displaced or as refugees, the United Nations humanitarian chief warned today, urging sustained support for millions who have been driven from their homes by violence and bloodshed or uprooted by devastating natural disasters…” (1/2).

World Bulletin: U.N. unable to keep up with humanitarian crises
“The U.N. is entering 2014 with four major humanitarian crises on its plate — civil war in Syria, sectarian conflicts in the Central African Republic (CAR), disaster in the Philippines and political tensions in South Sudan. To deal with this, some $12.9 billion will be needed all together to help over 52 milion people in 17 countries, the Under-secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos said Thursday in New York…” (1/3).