U.N. Pulls Some Foreign Staff From Idlib Amid Rise In COVID-19 Cases; Russian Doctors Face Hostility, Mistrust; South Africa Experts Predict Up To 50K COVID Deaths; Pakistan Cases Continue To Rise Post-Lockdown


AP: Nearly 2 dozen escape from virus quarantine in Zimbabwe (Mutsaka, 5/20).

New Humanitarian: COVID-19 and hyperinflation leave hunger and few options in Zimbabwe (Dongozi, 5/20).

Reuters: South Africa scientists say up to 50,000 COVID-19 deaths possible (Toyana, 5/21).

Reuters: Egypt to offer coronavirus testing in all general hospitals (Atallah/Lewis, 5/20).

U.N. News: Just hoping coronavirus will bypass Africa, would be a deadly mistake: Bachelet (5/20).


AP: Sikh kitchens feed New Delhi’s masses in virus lockdown (Schmall, 5/21).

Reuters: Lockdown over, Pakistan’s COVID-19 deaths, infections tick higher (Peshimam, 5/21).

UPI: Report: North Korea quarantining people with cold symptoms (Shim, 5/19).


AP: ‘We’re expendable’: Russian doctors face hostility, mistrust (Litvinova/Trofimova, 5/21).

Wall Street Journal: As the Coronavirus Lockdown Eases, Italy Confronts an Epidemic of Poverty (Stancati, 5/21).

Washington Post: An undertaker’s view of London’s coronavirus outbreak (Booth, 5/18).


AP: As virus swamps Peru, Venezuelan migrants collect the dead (Briceño, 5/20).

AP: In Brazil Amazon, help a flight away for many virus patients (Brito, 5/20).

AP: Brazil expands use of unproven drug as virus toll rises (Jeantet, 5/20).

The Guardian: ‘If I don’t have sex I’ll die of hunger’: Covid-19 crisis for Rio’s trans sex workers (Phillips/Cheibub, 5/21).

Reuters: Rural Ecuador faces coronavirus outbreak without doctors (Arcos/Del Pino, 5/20).

The Telegraph: Bolivia health minister arrested for corruption over ventilators (5/20).

Washington Post: Coronavirus seizes São Paulo as Trump ponders Brazil travel ban (Lopes, 5/20).


New Humanitarian: COVID-19 border closure cuts off Idlib cancer patients from treatment (Al Hosse/Edwards, 5/20).

New Humanitarian: U.N. pulls half its foreign aid staff out of Yemeni capital as COVID-19 spreads (Parker, 5/20).

Reuters: Iran says 10,000 of its health workers infected with coronavirus (5/21).


The Atlantic: ‘How Could the CDC Make That Mistake?’ (Madrigal/Meyer, 5/21).

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Reuters: Mexico registers record one-day coronavirus death toll with 424 fatalities: health ministry (Jorgic, 5/20).

Reuters: Large contingent of Cuban doctors help Mexico with coronavirus: sources (Oré, 5/20).