U.N. Loses First Staff Member In Liberia; Ebola Probable Cause Of Death

News outlets report on the death of a U.N. worker who likely died of Ebola.

Associated Press: U.N. says 1st staffer dies of ‘probable’ Ebola
“The United Nations said Wednesday a staff member in Liberia has died from ‘probable Ebola,’ while the World Health Organization said it was optimistic that an Ebola vaccine could be available for mass vaccination campaigns as early as 2015…” (Anna, 10/1).

New York Times: Ebola Suspected in U.N. Worker’s Death
“…The victim, a Liberian woman, had worked for the peacekeeping mission in Liberia for nearly a decade, almost from the time the United Nations arrived in the country to help it rebuild after years of crippling civil war. She fell ill on Sept. 20 and died Monday, the United Nations said…” (Sengupta, 10/1).