U.N. High-Level Meeting Should Implement ‘Powerful Coordinating Body’ On Antimicrobial Resistance

PLOS Medicine: Antimicrobial Resistance: Is the World UNprepared?
Editorial Board

“…September’s high-level meeting at the U.N. … should take the opportunity to put in place a powerful coordinating body to implement the necessary multifaceted response to [antimicrobial resistance (AMR)]. It will be the responsibility of countries and multilateral donors to ensure that adequate financial support is mandated, along with a commitment to create a viable and sustainable model for research and development. Active leadership will be needed to negotiate prudent and explicit country-level standards for antibiotic management, animal husbandry, and other relevant issues. That inaction or lack of coordination could bring the era of effective antibiotic treatment to an end is simply unthinkable” (9/12).