U.N. Envoy, U.S. Senators Urge White House, Congress To Fund TB Programs

Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks”: TB: With a plan on the table, an outbreak at home, U.S. Senators, U.N. Envoy urge White House to fund tuberculosis programs
Antigone Barton, senior writer and editor of “Science Speaks,” discusses U.N. Special Envoy on Tuberculosis Eric Goosby’s statement on the tuberculosis outbreak in Alabama, in which he urges more funding for public health issues because “a global health issue is an American health issue.” Barton also discusses a letter to the White House from 14 U.S. senators regarding the National Action Plan to Address Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis. In the letter, the senators write, “[T]he activities described in the National Action Plan are all contingent on receipt of the funding necessary to implement those programs and strengthen those efforts” (1/26).