U.N. Appeals For Polio Funding For Horn Of Africa; Disease Detected In Cameroon

“Two U.N. agencies on Friday called on countries in the Horn of Africa region to remain watchful as [a] polio outbreak has significantly slowed down,” Xinhua reports. “The [WHO] and UNICEF also appealed for $88 million to support [regional] governments’ polio eradication efforts in 2014 and maintain the momentum built over the last six months,” the news agency writes, noting, “The agencies said about one million children in the Horn of Africa, most of them in Somalia, have never been immunized or have not received the required number of doses.” Xinhua adds, “The outbreak had affected some 200 children and adults in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia” (Mutai, 11/22). In related news, CIDRAP News notes “the disease has been detected in Cameroon.” However, “both Pakistan and Afghanistan reported overall decreases in wild poliovirus (WPV) cases from January through September, compared with the same time period in 2012, the [CDC] said [Thursday] in a press release,” the news service adds (Schnirring, 11/21).