U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Emphasizes U.S. Leadership In Human Rights, Humanitarian Efforts, In Contrast To President Trump

Foreign Policy: At Odds With Trump, Nikki Haley Charts Her Own Foreign Policy Path
“…Four months into her tenure as the envoy of a president she once denounced as reckless, Haley has carved out a distinct foreign policy path, one that sees Russia unambiguously as an enemy, touts America’s role as a human rights champion, and advocates for continued U.S. leadership on the humanitarian front. While it may be too early to discern a Haley foreign policy doctrine, the former South Carolina governor has been building a strikingly independent political brand that distinguishes her from a White House that has veered from one crisis to the next while showing little regard for human rights or the plight of the poor…” (Lynch, 5/23).