U.N. Agencies, Member States, Other Parties Meet To Discuss Global Antimicrobial Resistance Responses

Health Policy Watch: Broad Inter-Agency Group Embarks Upon Recommendations For Global Antimicrobial Resistance Policy
“A global group of experts representing animal health, human health, food safety and environmental health is currently deliberating ways to control antimicrobial resistance, a nightmare scenario in which drugs able to fight the deadliest infections stop working. Originating from ministries of health around the world, U.N. bodies, academia and other public organizations these are the members of the U.N. Interagency Coordination Group (IACG)…” (Anderson, 10/3).

Health Policy Watch: Draft Global Framework On Antimicrobial Resistance In Discussion This Week At WHO
“…The 2nd Consultation of Member States and Partners on the Global Development and Stewardship Framework to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance [took] place from 1-2 October. The agenda of the meeting is here. Member states and stakeholders [discussed] the draft Global Framework for Development & Stewardship to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance. … The framework, the document says, builds on the Global Action Plan on AMR, which was developed by the WHO in collaboration with FAO and OIE, and national action plans…” (Saez, 10/1).