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U.K. Commits Military Personnel, Resources To Ebola Response In Sierra Leone

News outlets report on a pledge from the U.K. to send military personnel and other resources to Sierra Leone to help contain Ebola.

Agence France-Presse: Britain sends 750 military personnel to combat Ebola
“Britain is sending 750 military personnel, a medical ship, and three helicopters to Sierra Leone to help fight the spread of Ebola, officials said Wednesday…” (Haddon, 10/8).

BBC News: Ebola outbreak: U.K. sending 750 troops to Sierra Leone
“…The personnel will be deployed next week. [The announcement] comes as Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said it was ‘now entirely possible that someone with Ebola will come to the U.K. either by one route or another’…” (10/8).

Reuters: U.K. to send troops, aircraft and ship to tackle Ebola in Sierra Leone
“…Alpha Kanu, Sierra Leone’s information minister, welcomed the pledge, saying Britain had reassured the government during a recent London donors’ conference that it would not abandon the former colony…” (James, 10/8).