2 U.S. Gynecologists Propose Female Genital ‘Nicks’ In Journal Article

NPR: Can A Bath Of Milk And Honey Replace Female Genital Mutilation?
“…This week, two American gynecologists published an article in the British Journal of Medical Ethics, proposing a ‘compromise solution’ that would permit minimal female genital ‘nicks’ that would ‘accommodate cultural beliefs while protecting the physical health of girls, but would proscribe those forms of [female genital alteration (FGA)] that are dangerous or that produce significant sexual or reproductive dysfunction.’ Are such nicks ‘a better way’? Dr. Githinji Gitahi doesn’t believe so. He’s a physician with a specialty in OB­-GYN and a leader in the group Amref Health Africa…” (Cole, 2/24).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Female genital “nicks” should be legal — gynecologists
“…The gynecologists suggested that global attempts to stamp out FGM with legislation had failed and may by driving the practice underground. ‘We are not arguing that any procedure on the female genitalia is desirable,’ they said. ‘Rather, we only argue that certain procedures ought to be tolerated by liberal societies.’ They said the term ‘female genital mutilation’ should be replaced with the less emotive ‘female genital alteration’ (FGA) to avoid ‘demonising important cultural practices’…” (Batha, 2/22).