Two Reports Recognize Progress In Malaria Eradication, Call For Increased Funding

“Malaria eradication programs will fail in the face of rising drug resistance without increased funding in malaria research and development (R&D), according to two major reports published this month,” reports. “Over the next decade, malaria R&D will need as much as $8.3 billion to overcome increasing resistance of mosquitoes to insecticides and malaria parasites to drugs,” according to a report (.pdf) from the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI), the news service writes, adding, “But the report also hails the progress made towards achieving global malaria targets.” A separate report from the WHO “also recognizes progress in fighting malaria,” but “says much more needs to be done to win the fight against malaria, including greater funding investments from a more diverse pool of donors,” the news service continues. The article quotes Ashley Birkett, MVI program leader at PATH, and Nick Chapman, a senior analyst at the think-tank Policy Cures (Kennedy, 12/19).