Trump Impeachment Hearing Could Bring Attention To Administration’s Efforts To Freeze, Threaten To Rescind Foreign Assistance, U.S. Advocates Say

Devex: Could Trump’s impeachment also put an end to his aid ‘rescission’ threats?
“For U.S. aid advocates, the impeachment trial currently underway in the U.S. Senate carries echoes of a battle that has played out for two summers in a row. Both of these instances saw the Trump administration freeze — and threaten to rescind — foreign assistance funds appropriated to the U.S. Agency for International Development. … Given the exponentially greater attention the issue of budgetary authority has received within the context of President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, some aid experts believe it could have significant implications for the question of whether these perennial battles between the aid community and the White House will continue…” (Igoe, 1/24).