Trump Administration Enabling Food, Cholera Crises In Yemen

Washington Post: How Trump is enabling famine
Jackson Diehl, deputy editorial page editor at the Washington Post

“Last month, eight large private U.S. relief organizations formed an unprecedented alliance to call Americans’ attention to the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II: 20 million people at imminent risk of famine in four countries, including millions of children the United Nations says are ‘acutely malnourished.’ … But there was no eruption of public interest; news stories about the famine remain few and far between. The reason is fairly obvious: The continuing Trump circus sucks up so much media oxygen that issues that otherwise would be urgent — such as millions of people starving — are asphyxiated. … [Trump’s] larger offense has been his love affair with the despotic regimes of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which are largely responsible for creating — and perpetuating — the food and cholera crises in Yemen [by disallowing access to seaports]. … In fact, Trump is, in more ways than one, enabling famine” (8/20).