Transformative Action Needed To Ensure Most Vulnerable Have Access To WASH

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Opinion: Action needed: Time is running out for global water ambitions
Sarina Prabasi, chief executive officer of WaterAid America

“Billions of people still live and die in water and sanitation poverty — a direct result of decisions taken, or not taken, by those in power. … Not only is progress far too slow, but the figures mask the fact that many of the positive increases have been disproportionally at the upper ends of society. The gap between the richest and poorest in many countries is widening, leaving the most marginalized even further behind. … This crisis demands a significant increase in international aid from high-income countries, but also a transformation in how money is raised and distributed in developing countries to ensure it is invested in essential services for the people who need it the most. To maintain the status quo is unacceptable. We have until 2030 to turn things around. Failure to do so will stall global development and ensure the sustainable development goals remain an elusive and unobtainable pipe dream” (7/4).