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To Continue Improving Global Health, WHO Should ‘Rededicate Itself To Its Core Mission’

The Hill: We need reform at the WHO if we actually care about global health issues
Kenneth E. Thorpe, professor of health policy at Emory University and chair of the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease

“…For decades, the WHO has partnered with universities, nonprofits, and businesses to advance global health initiatives, leveraging their resources and expertise. … But recently, the WHO has moved away from that approach, expanding its mandate while shrinking the number of partners it is willing to engage. … [T]he WHO must rededicate itself to its core mission and focus on activities where it has the expertise and ability to make an impact. Rather than shutting out critical players, it must return to the tried-and-true approach of building bridges and platforms to engage with all public and private-sector stakeholders. … The WHO has been essential in improving public health and welfare around the world. With reform, the WHO can continue improving global public health. To do so going forward, it must start reforming now” (5/24).