Technology, Innovation Playing Role In Ebola Recovery, Research Into Treatments

Fast Company: Meet Two Sisters Taking On The Ebola Aftermath In West Africa
“…In this post-Ebola recovery time, [There Is No Limit Foundation’s (TINLF)] goal is to rebuild health systems in Guinea and other parts of West Africa through strategic partnerships with hospital administrations, supplying health care facilities with medical equipment and tools, and streamlining access to medical information. [Sisters Aissata Camara and Mariama Camara-Petrolawicz, who are originally from Guinea and cofounded TINLF,] are targeting mobile technology to help create these opportunities…” (Rowley, 9/11).

Fortune: Ebola’s “magic pill” might actually be a machine
“…Current trends have companies looking at the use of sensors, robotics, and analytics to better understand the nature of infectious disease, and how and why a particular pathogen spreads, says [Venkat Rajan, global director of the Visionary Healthcare Program at Frost & Sullivan]. But he says there is also opportunity for manufacturers to develop new devices that can help manage a patient’s condition once they have been infected as well…” (Sukel, 9/10).