Syria’s Idlib Faces Humanitarian Disaster, U.N. Leaders Warn; Aid, Reconstruction Funding Sometimes Being Diverted, HRW Report Says

Associated Press: Rights group says Syria co-opting humanitarian efforts
“The Syrian government is co-opting humanitarian aid and reconstruction assistance and sometimes using it to ‘entrench repressive policies,’ [Human Rights Watch said Friday in a 91-page report], calling on donors and investors to ensure their contributions are used for the good of the Syrian people…” (Mroue, 6/28).

U.N. News: Syria’s Idlib ‘on the brink’ of a nightmare, humanitarian chiefs warn, launching global solidarity campaign
“The heads of 11 global humanitarian organizations warned on Thursday that the embattled rebel-held province of Idlib in Syria, stands on the brink of disaster, with three million civilian lives at risk, including one million children. In a direct video address to launch a worldwide campaign in solidarity with civilians trapped there, dubbed #TheWorldIsWatching, the humanitarian leaders said that they face the constant threat of violence…” (6/27).