Sweden Suspends Some Aid To Uganda Over Anti-Gay Law; Official Defends Law At U.N.

News outlets continue to cover reaction to Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Law, signed last month by President Yoweri Museveni.

Devex: Aid freeze deepens after Uganda’s anti-gay bill
“The government of Sweden announced on Wednesday it will withhold all bilateral financial assistance to Uganda in response to the passing last week of a bill that criminalizes homosexuality…” (Santamaria, 3/6).

Reuters: Sweden suspends some aid to Uganda over anti-gay law
“Sweden has suspended some of its financial aid to Uganda over a law that toughened punishment for gays, becoming the fourth donor to do so…” (Croome, 3/6).

Reuters: Uganda defends anti-gay law at main U.N. rights forum
“Uganda, under fire from Western nations, defended its toughened law on gays on Thursday as being aimed at ‘protecting’ youth from homosexuality and discouraging public displays of gay love. … Ambassador Christopher Onyanga Aparr told the United Nations Human Rights Council that sexual orientation was ‘not a fundamental human right’ as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a landmark 1948 treaty…” (Nebehay, 3/6).