Supporting Health Workers With Technology Delivered Through Multilevel Partnerships Could Improve Maternal Health Care

Devex: Tackling the age-old problem of maternal mortality through modern technology
Anna Cecilia Frellsen, CEO of the Maternity Foundation

“…[T]he quality of care still remains one of the most pressing issues [in maternal health care], and many skilled birth attendants have little by way of up-to-date, easily understandable job aids to help them adhere to guidelines and cope with obstetric emergencies. Apps [and new technology] can give birth attendants the knowledge they need to prevent major causes of maternal and neonatal death, thus helping to solve at least one part of the problem. Now more than ever, it is crucial to support the empowerment of local communities. We must create multilevel partnerships within both the public and private sectors, from large tech companies and national governments to smaller health ministries and local NGOs, to reach more and more women with lifesaving technology. Together, we can implement simple technology solutions on a larger scale, ensuring access to adequate health care for women and families everywhere so that no woman dies giving life” (10/7).