Some Women Incarcerated In Afghanistan Subjected To Forced Gynecological Exams, Report Shows

News outlets discuss findings from a December 2015 report on forced gynecological exams on incarcerated women in Afghanistan, which was discussed Monday in a Human Rights Watch blog post.

New York Times: Jailed Afghan Women Are Often Subjected to Virginity Tests, Report Says
“Women and girls in Afghan jails are frequently subjected to forced virginity tests, advocates from Afghanistan’s human rights commission said on Tuesday, calling for an end to a discredited practice that is both invasive and degrading…” (Mashal, 3/1).

Reuters: Afghan women, girls face invasive virginity tests, says rights report
“…Of 53 woman and girls interviewed in a dozen provinces across Afghanistan, 48 said they had been subject to compulsory gynecological exams by government officials after being accused of adultery or escaping from home, investigators for Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission found in a study conducted last year. The study’s findings were publicized by Human Rights Watch on Monday…” (Smith, 3/1).