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‘Significant Mistakes Were Made’ In Handling Of USAID Global Health Supply Chain Contract, U.S. House Committee Report Says

Devex: ‘Significant mistakes’ in USAID global health supply chain, House says
“The United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs on Monday found in a report that ‘significant mistakes were made by all parties’ in handling the U.S. Agency for International Development’s global supply chain contract with Chemonics International. The report was released at the conclusion of a congressional oversight investigation after Devex last year revealed the agency’s $9.5 billion contract faced chronic problems. … The mistakes were made ‘at virtually every level and stage of the contract — from contract solicitation and the evaluation of proposals, through the transition, and into implementation,’ the report found. There was no evidence that the supply chain issues interrupted treatment for any patients who were already receiving care, the report found. ‘Nevertheless, these mistakes did result in delays and unacceptable performance under USAID’s largest-ever contract, jeopardizing U.S. global health priorities and undermining the program’s value to American taxpayers,’ the report said…” (Welsh, 10/16).