Sierra Leone’s Last Known Ebola Patient Released From Hospital; Ebola Widows Struggle To Survive In Liberia

Reuters: Sierra Leone discharges last known Ebola patient
“Sierra Leone’s last known Ebola patient has been released from hospital, medical officials said on Monday, allowing authorities to begin a six-week countdown before declaring the West African country free of the virus once more…” (Fofana, 2/8).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Liberia’s Ebola widows learn to become the new breadwinners
“…As the West African country begins to recover from the crisis, many women … struggling to face a future without their husbands or fathers — the main breadwinners in their families. About half of Liberia’s 6,000 Ebola survivors are women. Besides financial hardships, many must also endure rejection from their friends, families, and communities…” (Giahyue, 2/8).