Sierra Leone Plans Nationwide ‘Lockdown’ To Contain Ebola

News outlets report on Sierra Leone’s plan to contain the Ebola epidemic through a nationwide “lockdown.”

Financial Times: Sierra Leone plans national ‘lockdown’ to halt Ebola
“Sierra Leone is preparing a four-day nationwide ‘lockdown’ in an effort to contain the Ebola epidemic that has killed more than 2,000 people in West Africa. For four days beginning September 18, citizens of the West African state will not be allowed to leave their homes. The aim is to prevent the spread of Ebola and allow health workers to identify cases in the early stages of the disease…” (Cookson, 9/6).

New York Times: Sierra Leone to Impose 3-Day Ebola Quarantine
“With West African governments increasingly desperate to contain an ever-quickening Ebola epidemic, Sierra Leone has decreed a stringent new measure confining residents to their homes later this month…” (Nossiter, 9/6).

Reuters: Sierra Leone lockdown will not help halt Ebola: MSF
“Sierra Leone’s proposed countrywide ‘lockdown’ will not help control an Ebola outbreak and could lead to the disease spreading further as cases are concealed, medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) said on Saturday…” (Fofana/Lewis, 9/8).