Sexual, Reproductive Rights And Access To Care Central To Achieving Many Development Goals

Huffington Post: What Boko Haram Can Teach Us About the Sustainable Development Goals
Suzanne Ehlers, president of PAI

“Two hundred and fourteen of the 234 girls rescued from Boko Haram this week are pregnant. … It is easy to view the experiences of 234 girls as a shocking and isolated occurrence, but that would be a mistake. The reality is that it highlights that women’s sexual and reproductive rights are at the nexus of almost every development issue we grapple with today — from gender equity to maternal mortality to economic prosperity to, importantly in today’s conflict-ridden world, peace and security. … In a world of difficult choices, access to sexual and reproductive health is the one bet we can count on for the dignity and improvement of women’s lives and for our collective future” (5/11).