Sex Education In South Africa Should Start At Home

News24: Editorial: The kids aren’t alright — they’re exposed to HIV
Editorial Board

“…[Kids are] having sex even younger and aren’t using condoms. This week, the Human Sciences Research Council released findings of its fifth South African national HIV prevalence, incidence, behavior, and communication survey … While there was a lot to cheer about, such as the significant decline of HIV incidence … the youngsters’ behavior is cause for concern. … [W]hy do this country’s kids have the bravado to think they may be immune to contracting the country’s fifth leading natural killer? And what can we do differently in our homes, where children’s founding attitudes and behaviors are formed, to better inform them about sex and HIV? Sex education, including the importance of safe sex, starts in our homes. We can’t rely on schools … So, parents and caregivers, who will teach your kids if neither you nor the schools are doing it?” (7/22).