Severe Malnutrition Plagues Northeastern Nigeria Due To Boko Haram; Some Aid Workers Say Situation Qualifies As Famine

Los Angeles Times: How a terrorist group set off a famine, affecting thousands of families
“…The famine killing thousands of children in northeastern Nigeria is forcing parents to take drastic measures, and aid workers fear the death toll will continue to spiral upward. The famine is the product of Boko Haram’s scorched-earth attacks, which stopped farmers from planting, fishermen from casting their nets, and traders from plying their goods. But aid from the Nigerian government and the international community only recently began to increase for a population that, already struggling with chronic malnutrition, has been tipped into starvation by the crisis. … At least 65,000 people are in famine in Nigeria, according to aid experts, and 2.5 million children are malnourished…” (Dixon, 10/19).