Severe Malnutrition Among Children In Damascus Suburb Shows Crisis Of Food, Medical Supply Shortages In Syria

The Guardian: Syria: shocking images of starving baby reveal impact of food crisis
“The continuing suffering of civilians living under siege in Syria has been brought into sharp focus by new images of a malnourished baby who later died of starvation in a suburb of Damascus controlled by the opposition…” (Shaheen, 10/23).

Wall Street Journal: Deaths of Syrian Children Signal Worsening Aid Crisis
“…Residents said they fear the situation will worsen as government forces making steady gains against Islamic State elsewhere in Syria turn attention back to conquering the few areas still under opposition control. … There are 68 other cases of severe malnutrition in the suburb, all in children under five years of age, said [Mohamad Katoub, advocacy manager with the humanitarian group, the Syrian American Medical Society]…” (Abdulrahim, 10/23).