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Senior Medical Fellow At American Council On Science And Health Discusses Lancet Report On NCDs

American Council on Science and Health: The Lancet Holds The World Health Organization Accountable For Their Pie Crust Promise
Chuck Dinerstein, senior medical fellow at the American Council on Science and Health, discusses challenges to progress on global non-communicable diseases (NCDs), highlighting The Lancet’s recent NCD Countdown 2030 report on trends in NCD mortality and progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs) NCD target. Dinerstein writes, “I applaud The Lancet for trying to hold governments responsible for their promises. But what do they offer besides ‘naming and shaming’? … I am afraid that Lancet can do little other than shedding light on broken and unfulfilled promises. Moreover, I doubt that shame or blame has an impact at the governmental level” (9/25).