Senate Confirms Kelly Craft As Next U.S. Ambassador To U.N.

New York Times: Kelly Craft Is Confirmed as U.S. Ambassador to United Nations
“Kelly Knight Craft, the United States ambassador to Canada, was confirmed on Wednesday to serve as the next ambassador to the United Nations…” (Fortin, 7/31).

UPI: Senate confirms Kelly Craft as U.N. ambassador
“…The chamber voted 56-34 in favor of Craft, who was the U.S. ambassador to Canada since October 2017. Five Democrats sided with Republicans in the vote…” (Haynes, 7/31).

Washington Post: Kelly Knight Craft confirmed as Trump’s next U.N. ambassador in vote largely on party lines
“…Throughout her confirmation process, Craft struggled to allay Democrats’ concerns about her family’s significant investments in the fossil fuel industry, though notably she separated herself from the president on climate change. During her confirmation hearing in June, Craft declared that she believes fossil fuels and human behavior contribute to the planet’s shifting weather phenomena. ‘Let there be no doubt,’ she said…” (Demirjian, 7/31).

Additional coverage of Craft’s confirmation is available from POLITICO, Reuters, Roll Call, and USA TODAY.