Segregated, Single-Issue Health Targets Hold Back Progress On MNCH

Devex: The specter of segregation haunts global health
Patrick Fine, chief executive officer of FHI 360, and Leith Greenslade, vice chair in the Office of the U.N. Special Envoy for Financing the health Millennium Development Goals and co-chair of Child Health at the MDG Health Alliance

“…Could [the MDG targets for infant and maternal mortality] have actually been achieved if we had pursued an integrated approach to advancing the health of women and children? … Despite the evidence and rising drumbeat for more integration, the majority of global health financing, policies, and programs remains largely segregated, with goals of eradicating specific diseases or achieving coverage of specific interventions rather than achieving broader health gains for targeted populations. This approach will not be enough to end preventable maternal and child deaths in the 15 years allotted by the new global development goals and might actively hold back that achievement. It’s time for a serious conversation about the costs of segregation” (2/26).