Secretary Of State Tillerson Must Begin Nomination Process For State Department’s Senior Staff

New York Times: The State Department Deserves Better
Editorial Board

“Barring a course change, the State Department is expected to limp along without most of its senior staff until well into 2018. … Even citizens who are deeply jaded about the government must realize that with the world in turmoil, it’s dangerous for one of the departments most responsible for managing the chaos to be treading water. … Three months into his tenure, [Secretary of State Rex] Tillerson has done almost nothing to select nominees for the White House to consider for nearly 200 State Department jobs that require Senate confirmation, The Times’s Gardiner Harris reported. … Mr. Tillerson’s laid-back approach to filling top management positions, especially the workhorse jobs of assistant secretary, is nevertheless risky. … He needs the best possible permanent team to help him” (5/3).