Scientists Using Fetal Tissue Research, Genome Mapping To Answer Questions About Zika Virus

Nature: Zika highlights role of controversial fetal-tissue research
“A protein that helps Zika virus infect adult skin cells might also give the virus access to stem cells that make brain cells, suggests a study carried out on donated human fetal tissue. The result — published [Wednesday] in Cell Stem Cell — is part of a growing body of research that seeks to determine how Zika might cause birth defects, but that requires a type of tissue that is increasingly controversial for researchers in the United States…” (Hayden, 3/30).

New York Times: Team of Rival Scientists Comes Together to Fight Zika
“With the Zika virus spreading largely unchecked in Latin America and the Caribbean by way of a now-notorious insect, some of the nation’s leading mosquito researchers are striving to assemble a state-of-the-art DNA map that they say will help them fight the disease with the mosquito’s own genetic code…” (Harmon, 3/30).