Scientists Race To Learn More About Novel Coronavirus, Develop Vaccines, Investigate Potential Treatments

Foreign Policy: The Wuhan Coronavirus: A Tentative Clinical Profile
“…Controlling the spread of the virus requires both public health and medical measures—and for that we need a clear clinical profile. At this stage, that information is only just being put together, but what we do have is disturbing…” (Sparrow, 1/26).

STAT: How fast can biotech come up with a vaccine for the latest outbreak?
“The deadly outbreak of a novel coronavirus has sparked a race among biotech companies, each claiming that its technology can quickly whip up a vaccine to quell a potential crisis. But history suggests the road ahead will be long, unpredictable, and expensive…” (Garde, 1/24).

Additional coverage of science- and epidemiology-related developments surrounding the novel coronavirus is available from Bloomberg (2), Quartz, Reuters, Science (2), STAT, Wired, and Xinhua.