Scientific Innovation Vital To Ensuring African Farmers Can Produce Crops, Conserve Environment Simultaneously

Inter Press Service: Conserving Africa’s Precious Resource Base While Fighting Hunger
Kalongo Chitengi, Zambia country director at Self Help Africa

“…African farmers need scientific innovation — from low to high tech — to face [the challenges that are keeping crop yields low]. Yet preserving Africa’s environment, its most precious resources after its people, is also a high priority. This is one of the fundamental concerns of agroecology — ensuring farmers can produce food and earn a good living, while keeping the natural resource base intact. With the right approaches that blend traditional knowledge with scientific innovation, this can be achieved. At Self Help Africa, we are working with farmers to achieve this through the implementation of conservation agriculture. … African farmers are most at risk from rising temperatures and persistent hunger. We must ensure they have access to all the tools and technologies necessary to thrive in the face of these threats” (10/10).