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‘Science Speaks’ Reports From 22nd International AIDS Conference In Amsterdam

Antigone Barton, senior editor and writer at “Science Speaks,” and Rabita Aziz, writer at “Science Speaks” and senior global health policy specialist at IDSA, report from the 22nd International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam on “news, updates, and analysis of new research findings, evidence-based responses, and community action for global access to HIV treatment and prevention.”

IDSA’s “Science Speaks”: AIDS 2018: Price of bedaquiline drops in South Africa (Aziz, 7/22).

IDSA’s “Science Speaks”: AIDS 2018: Global health security, economic stability priorities for U.S. global TB response (Aziz, 7/22).

IDSA’s “Science Speaks”: AIDS 2018: The way to 90-90-90 success against HIV (and more) can be found in Amsterdam (Barton, 7/22).

IDSA’s “Science Speaks”: AIDS 2018: Undetectable equals Untransmittable (Barton, 7/23).