Saudi Arabia’s Blockade Of Yemeni Ports ‘Could Trigger Full-Blown Famine’

Washington Post: Saudi Arabia’s blockade could starve sick children in Yemen
Editorial Board

“…The press of multiple international crises and President Trump’s monopolization of media attention have helped obscure the severity of the humanitarian emergency in Yemen, a poor country of 28 million that has been devastated by civil war and a Saudi-led military intervention. … Now … the Saudis have announced a more thorough closure of ‘all Yemeni ground, air, and sea ports.’ Though a government statement said it would take ‘into consideration the continuation of the entry and exit’ of humanitarian supplies and aid workers, U.N. officials say that aid flights have been blocked. The World Food Programme warned that hundreds of thousands of children would be ‘on the brink of starvation’ if the blockade lasted even for two weeks. Saudi officials say the siege is meant to prevent what they claim was the smuggling of missile parts into Yemen from Iran. … In any case, the blockade will not deter either Iran or the Houthis, but it could trigger a full-blown famine among innocent children. The Trump administration, which has blithely backed [Saudi] Crown Prince Salman in his reckless adventures, should consider the cost” (11/8).