Rwanda’s Prime Minister Discusses MDG Progress

Rwandan Prime Minister Pierre Damien Habumuremyi writes in The Guardian’s “Global Development Professionals Network” blog about his country’s progress toward meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). “While the government in Kigali plays a central coordinating role, Rwanda’s success has been driven by the way services and programs have been delivered at the village level through communities taking charge of their own lives,” Habumuremyi writes. He notes the importance of government security, “a sound and predictable regulatory environment, robust institutions and zero tolerance of corruption,” as well as “transparency and accountability at all levels.” Habumuremyi says civil society involvement also is critical for reaching the MDGs. “As President [Paul] Kagame told the U.N. last week: ‘For Rwanda, the MDGs are a floor, not a ceiling,'” he states, concluding, “Our country’s achievement so far — and the achievements to come — are a true national effort driven and delivered by our citizens” (10/8).