Rising Food Prices, Risk Of Shortages In Ebola-Hit West Africa, WFP Says; China Donates $6M To Agency

News outlets report on food security in West Africa, where the Ebola epidemic is causing food prices and the risk of food shortages to rise.

Financial Times: Food shortages now huge risk in Ebola-hit regions, says U.N. body
“Food shortages are nearly as much of a risk as the Ebola virus in the three worst-hit countries of western Africa, an official from the World Food Programme warned in Beijing on Monday…” (Hornby, 10/20).

Reuters: Food prices up 24 percent in Ebola-hit countries — WFP
“Food prices have risen by an average of 24 percent across the three countries worst hit by the Ebola outbreak, forcing some families to reduce their intake to one meal a day, the World Food Programme (WFP) said on Friday…” (Nebehay, 10/17).

Associated Press: China gives $6 million for food in Ebola countries
“China has donated $6 million to help stave off food shortages in the three African countries worst affected by the Ebola virus, the World Food Programme announced Monday, part of Beijing’s growing assistance to a continent where its companies have become major investors…” (10/20).

Wall Street Journal: U.N. Group Urges China’s Wealthy to Fight Ebola
“Chinese corporations and wealthy individuals aren’t contributing enough to help fight the spread of Ebola in West Africa, despite the nation’s deep ties to the impacted region, according to the United Nations World Food Programme’s China representative…” (Spegele, 10/20).