Retiring Rep. Waxman Is Champion Of Bringing Attention To HIV/AIDS

Politico: Henry Waxman, the Unsung Hero in the Fight Against AIDS
Timothy Westmoreland, a visiting professor of law and a senior scholar in health law at Georgetown University Law Center

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) “didn’t just hold hearings on the AIDS crisis; he pushed through legislation for public education, biomedical research and health-care delivery. … I cannot imagine how much worse the AIDS epidemic would have been (and would be now, because it is far from over) if it had not been for this smart, steady, quick study of a man who stayed for hours in the chair, assembling the record and hammering out bipartisan legislation. … We are lucky to have had him there and then. I’m sorry he’s retiring now. I pray that leaders with this clarity and compassion will be there when the country needs them next” (2/4).